Yolanda McIntosh is the owner of SapphirEmerald magazine. She is also known as Yolanda Mac in the industry.  She owns another company called MizMacMarketing LLC it's a diversified company.  We have worked with companies like Home Depot, Avon, The American Breast Cancer Association, Mc Donald's, Wells Fargo Bank, and State Farm of Linden, New Jersey.  Our company has accepted an invitation to the White House in Washington, DC to add our voice to the fight for immigration laws, and for the D-V Lottery. Our company has helped African American Women In Cinema to open a new chapter where the honorarium Mushiya, from WeTv, was recognized by Mayor Kashiem Reed. We are pleased to have been asked by Atlanta City Council President Caesar C. Mitchell to come out to support the opening of the brand new chapter at the historical Apex Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, worked with  Mayor Samson Steinman, with the Veterans at the Alaris Health Riverton in   Rahway, NJ.   Currently attending Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, New Jersey, for my Bachelor degree in Communication. 

Catherine Williams, is intern study from Union County College who is studies to become a doctor.  Catherine speak over 4 different language and she is Yolanda McIntosh aka Yolanda Mac personal assistant for MizMacMarketing LLC and SapphirEmerald Magazine LLC. 

Dipendra B Kayastha, the IT department who handles the website and is responsible to update the website with the knowledge of computer and its software skills.

Tiamoyia White, the team associate and intern who handles and is responsible for advising, marketing the magazines. She also helps in implementing fashion concepts and is guru reporter. She reports for SapphirEmarald magazine with her special journalism skills  

Joseph Sykes creative writing skills has afforded him the opportunity to be a part of AT&T' S Communications Department team for several years.  His highly articulate mannerisms have enabled many to excel in their educational pursuits by being granted awards, and degrees in specified fields of interest.  Currently he can be found administratively supporting in the Veterans Affairs Medical Center Chaplain Services Department.

Harsh Patel. Business Administration and Intern is the team associates who supervises the sales and also direct the service outlet of an organization.

Entertainment, Public Relations Firm, Marketing, Consulting company