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B.E.T Top Moments 2017 

interviewed Phoenix Frost

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"Phoenix Frost " Rises again this Hip Hop artist.

Phoenix Frost Rise again, 

Shonnice Harris, aka Phoenix Frost, has risen up to take her rightful place as a Hip Hop artist who will deliver a message of truth to the world in song. MizMacMaketing LLC has accepted her request for representation and is pleased to have been asked to be her Public Relations Company. 

A former victim of domestic violence who has suffered from sickle cell anemia, Shonnice has emerged from a painful past as a champion and a survivor who no longer allows her circumstances, past and present, to dictate her future. She carries the banner of a strong woman who wants it known that abusers must be exposed when victims break their silence, freeing them to become victorious in fighting back against their abusers.

Not one to minimize the trauma she has suffered, Shonnice tells it all in the lyrics of her music. We learn that she has lived through homelessness, the foster care system and she was incarcerated
and was a victim of rape. The gift of Hip Hop Artist Phoenix Frost to her audience is one of empowerment. Her mantra is to encourage people globally to not give up. She will be coming out with two hot singles that will take the music world by surprise!

Shonnice Harris has come a long way to becoming the authentic Phoenix Frost. When asked why she chose that name, she said that she had always believed she was cursed, but in due time realized life was universally tough for most of us, and we all have untold stories about our fate to share and give hope to others. She has adopted the philosophy that no matter what horrific events we experience in life, there’s a story to be told when we emerge from our crisis. Then each of us can fashion our own storyboard and design it with a great ending. She wholeheartedly embraces the belief that nothing can stop her because she always rises up in victory from any situation. Like the proverbial Phoenix, she believes that she is equally free-spirited and has a will to survive through debilitating turmoil knowing that victory is a certainty. “This is why I call myself Phoenix Frost.” “I WILL ALWAYS RISE AS THE PHOENIX FROST!” 

Phoenix Frost is currently writing a book about her life experiences. It is to her great credit that she earned an Associate’s Degree in Recording Engineering and Video Production while she was in the midst of her turmoil, and maintained focused on her goal of completing her degree. 
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Phoenix Frost performing in NYC for Atlantic Records, Def Jam, Republic records, Roc Nation showcase. Dj Drewski from love and Hip Hop and Dj Will Stylz was also there.