Here are the following companies that was our top sponsors  Avon, Home Depot , McDonalds, Tops Dinners and our Non Profits was AngelsNJ. 


Theme called: Empak The World

Empak Corp is a Tax company that we branded

Audience total at 1750 people or more attended.

Mimi Faust from Love & and Hip Hop was the Host and Hassan Oliver too. 

Oct 2013 created by MizMacMarketing.

Customer: Mr. Dominic Tamin: 

Pictures by: Get my Goodside

Special guest: Ray Goodman and Brown, John Blassigame, Producer Dan Griffin, 

Mc Donald's Gospel praise and worship dancers  winners 

MizMacMarketing was hired to do the following:  Marketing, Event planning, look for sponsors, Talents, Vendors and create floor plan set for the event with lighting and production company. 

​2013 Event at the Robert Treat Hotel, Newardk 

Billboard Marketing  over 25 board placed in New Jersey 

Post card placement over 20,000 flyers give out to the public by team

Street D. Radio Station

Radio: Shawn Montgomery;

TNT Radio Station: 

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Note: MizMacMarketing LLC is a one stop shop whereas, you can find talent, Marketing, PR, Post Card production, Film and Lighting production, etc>>>>>>. 

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