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MizMacMarketing LLC is a Public Relations, Marketing & Consulting firm which specializes on client’s special needs and minimizes the risk for our customer. Our turnaround time is expeditious with an analyze report of our process. As a innovative and diversified company we brand personal imagines along with companies as well.

Bio Yolanda McIntosh aka Yolanda Mac 

We at MizMacMarketing LLC believe in good old fashioned, 100% percent customer service! We are task focused on the needs of our clients, and in business we go the extra mile to minimize the risk to every project we undertake on their behalf. Our completion time rate is quick, and we create reports with a forecasted spreadsheet that will project how we can increase levels of profitability and wealth. We are an innovative company that strategizes how to brand a company successfully, truly thinking outside of the box to create new rules to become trailblazers. Our success has earned us the right to call ourselves the wave of the future!

MizMacMarketing LLC is also a diversified company.  We have worked with companies like Home Depot, Avon, The American Breast Cancer Association,Mc Donald's, Wells Fargo Bank, and State Farm of Linden, New Jersey.  Our company has accepted an invitation to the White House in Washington, DC to add our voice to the fight for immigration laws, and for the D-V Lottery. Our company has helped African American Women In Cinema to open a new chapter where the honorarium Mushiya, from WeTv, was recognized by Mayor Kashiem Reed. We are pleased to have been asked by Atlanta City Council President Caesar C. Mitchell to come out to support the opening of the brand new chapter at the historical Apex Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.  

MizMacMarketing is moving fast and thinking outside of the box. His Honor, Samson D. Steinman, Mayor of Rahway, New Jersey, has presented MizMacMarketing's clients with proclamations for their outstanding efforts. We are pleased to have worked with Newark, New Jersey Mayor Ras Baraka on the occasion of his support to a Non Profit event for children who suffer with Autism.  Our company has written articles about recently inducted, Stellar Hall of Fame radio and broadcast personality of WLIB, Morgan Duke. We have made feature contributions in publications such as Winston Salem Magazine and Change Gospel Magazine. For the last seven years, MizMacMarketing has provided publicity for Jesus Book and Gift Stores of New Jersey, who celebrated their 40th year in business in 2016. Our company’s support of local authors in those locations has given them a forum to promote and sell their publications. In addition, contemporary and gospel singers have wowed audiences with mini weekend concerts in the bookstores.

Yolanda McIntosh has over 15 years of Pharmaceutical experience. She has worked for Block Drug Company, a Fortune 500 company, and Able Laboratories, a generic pharmaceutical company, where she reported directly to the controller and President Mr. J. Wadaker. 

Whatever your marketing needs, MizMacMarketing LLC can promise you an unforgettable business experience for your company!  When asked, our clients have shared their personal testimonials about CEO Yolanda McIntosh, better known as Yolanda Mac. They unabashedly proclaim, "She is a woman of integrity!" 

MizMacMarketing LLC waits to give you that experience too!